Positive Outlook

Friday, September 29th

Perception is always key, so Sean, Matty & Charley discuss a story about how being positive everyday will have better outcomes.


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Let him have at that time 987 Simon play in everything all that hot bug can coale talked all of it whatever you want but to a player Friday. There's kid out there and nine year old kid who just started this a movie called a life pack you know work or recruits just like a habit he's trying to form. But he told his mom on the way to school one day dislike couple weeks ago. Did he wanted to every morning. Think of at least one or two things that he's totally looking forward to that date every single day. That's great little things like this is the biggest play outside or this data have square pizza for lunch. But she said that in effect what he's doing his training his mind to focus on positive. Which improves and in your entire attitude your entire outlook. And it pushes the negative out that is wonderful ever wants to do that in that a great that all right well you guys you first Matty two things you looking forward to today. Leaving a high end. Leading more. These sweet boy you got to. I'm looking forward to not coming to work tomorrow hunt. And lunch. All right look you guys you're off to a great start on this how about you. And we do anything for you gotta offer a natural player credit Hogan what is Jimmy Buffett an open session we got a four man it. CD grow one like that the public record this.