Doggy Tattoo

Thursday, September 28th

Sean shares a funny story with Charley & Matty about a dog owner who got matching tattoos with his dog, but little to his knowledge, let's just say he didn't know what it actually meant.


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It's minute to get upset at Thursday's special yet the heart soul and no additional charge thinks you're so welcome that's what we do around here will do anything to get your and it's. There's a guy would just talk about pet costumes you can bold enough Dragic threaten a costume you love your pet George Brett be included in everything there's a guy who posted a picture up. He had just adopted a dog yeah and he said I cannot believe her cruelty or I do not believe in cropping ears or tails and some previous owner to my rescue dog. Tacked to the dog and I two adult tattooed the dog and he said I can't believe that somebody can be so cruel and do this. And it shows solidarity. He got a matching tattoo on his own body. Of the tattooed with the dog hair academy I mean a tattoo itself. It is neat I hate the fact that was on his dog first but it looked like well it's a tattoo that tells people. That the dog is a male and that it has been neutered. It's broken. Exactly who it was they say that it not answer or that there is you. Yes the voices yet so he type picture upload lives and well. My dog if people say you have meant that means your male dog and your neutered pets and I. Syria.