Best Toys for Christmas

Thursday, September 28th

With Wal Mart releasing its list for the best toys this upcoming christmas, Sean runs down the list with Matty & Charley & discuss some of the entries.


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It's exciting plays everything all morning long and then later on today and then all night too so you know whenever you wanna join us think you will be always good. Listen if you got kids in the car I want them to pay close attention to this. I wanted to hear the hottest toys for Christmas this year are has already said parties talk about the vote you better believe it and listen kids when you hear the one you want to scream out blue I want that. Or just say it's all of these 'cause I think they're all pretty good like the V tech pop up balls drop and pop ball pit. The radio controlled dash cam which sounds grown up I think I don't like it and so I yes dusty the super duper garbage truck the hey listen to this what the imagine next to DC super friends that man back bot extreme and let the birdie that KB bed. They've got the adventure force light command light up motorized blaster out. Sounds awesome together a frozen slay the you did in is the slayer if present Norris from this different is why it is oh I don't I wrote and passed on. They've got the make a toy blocked page which is like Lego taking put up a wall yes that's that's rad the LO well surprise is factory. Ask for that kids evolves the Fisher Price Xoom and crawl monsters sounds generous and then. Finger rulings and issue which I know it's not dictated little monkey grass on your fingers kind of creepy I guess you could rest on your nose is and it got flooded with say though yes. Only a fairly good in a and the number one hot toy picked for the year are you ready for this how can we won't know all the details about this until October 6 but it is. Patch the bulls surprise. Little yeah I don't wait not my from my. Yes that was a surprise.