Drinking Regrets

Friday, September 22nd

Sean tells Charley & Matty about a study done, that shows excessive drinking may cause some unwanted actions!


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Makes me nervous all whistler and you know they did that a studio somewhere they had. It's bad luck to whistle in the studio remember that we go throughout your day today where they now pay were you get a show on 987 Simon thanks for hanging out with his habitual late Friday. There's a new study out that says you you might act differently if you've had too much Drake who knew. It's most people have done something Beirut regret. When their under the influence maybe they told an off color joke insulted their boss took a tumble in front of everyone in here that you hollering at. Hello captain obvious no we know these things when he's on the and I had happened at an apartment last hollowing. That was Taylor Hicks is here yet. This open to the ground at a at a this is it beyond behavior that's embarrassing too much drinking can impair your moral sense and with these things in mind. They found that 39% of people. Have removed at least some or all of their clothing in public under the influence what's study with the that's where they feel this was necessary first they crawled out from under a rock yeah and they did all right so you're saying you agree with that is I've never removed any of my clothing of public after having too many drinks honors in four out of ten people are doing that I'm I have. I mean six haven't and I haven't had it all our line and then they say 9% have been arrested while under the influence. Yes no comment. Apps that buyers wild. And three Brazil have gotten a tattoo which are not supposed to do notably though they hit anything about head butting pumpkins. All right moving. I don't know if that's the limitation is on our past I love this place so before you. I'll be here any time ally intimate you know OK you wanna make everybody current is an innocent I'm glad I had a good laugh and I. It's. People's man.