Deweys Bakery

Friday, September 22nd

With fall underway, Sean tells Charley & Matty about Deweys Bakery in Winston Salem, NC recent plans on introducing new fall flavors to there selection.



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Ranch. 98 sevenths to play everything get a show is here so happy it's Friday the first day of finals that's fantastic. And here is a story. About a food item that has nothing to do with pumpkin spice. No case and its local to you know do eases coming out with some new flavors a bit -- heard about president really this is very awesome they're gonna have. Southern inspired flavors at dude do he's Gregory fried chicken including way admit. Banana put down eleven bar and browns buttered and it's an interesting interesting and a very lane. Karma popcorn and triple chocolate brownie these are the new cookies at the kimono with and they're gonna have. Crackers. Carolina style barbecue. When it. They're gonna argue or are crackers at a panic crackers that are yet wavered if you look it's just keep up here which orbit due east they make crackers all Andy card is used in making it aren't. Low country boil flavor crackers oh got to be like seasoned cast all day yeah sharp aged cheddar sweet potato and chipotle cheddar cornbread don't. I'll and it's it's great you know the worst part about the story these are all great items we got to wait till January. And also you have to come to Winston again I'm. He'll bring it does and even moments I'll pay misplaced view welcome to show. They have a solid edge tanked I had it and I'd take it keeps who he picked them and I. It hit it back out boo go. At a cash app but wait that. Hold it isn't tall order but you cannot believe I happen to have it right over there. Really it's fun exciting note and you might remember about general commercials back in the eggs. Yeah.