Clean Bathroom App?

Tuesday, September 19th

Charley tells Sean & Matty about a new app that shows you the location of clean bathrooms near you & even giving you the option of holding your place in line. 


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Yeah show an ID 87 Simon played everything's you can work on your morning dance routines and he's doing great out there. A re nice cabbage patch. So you know I have this policy. And I'd like to talk about it too much. But I haven't only in my house bathroom policy that's why sometimes you'll see me disappeared during my busy work day aha we complete our goal all the way home all the way home document appears nowhere near home. Well it's been a good life lessons in disaster in there I don't mind. Well there's a new app that's been launched the Mojave by the clean bathroom nearby it's called good to go it and it actually will even let you get in line virtually not they get notification to turn out or you don't feel right in the app that exactly that can't be unreal is based there is certain yet I X they really batter that's that's the new version of easy she's got a drugs using season. Boy anyway. You know back in the day I can tell you this I don't know if it's still true. But funeral homes generally have an open door policy and they have great bathrooms hotels so yes so funny about our really budget if I was stuck away from home as you say. And there was a funeral home nearby I would go for the bathroom there did you pay your respects while you're there are just the usual go you don't notice busy that thing as it is said when when there's not you know some going on a round. You go other news veteran. You all they would do that though because you know somebody who runs a funeral parlor there's no way I would ever go anywhere and here in Ramallah in blood version isn't just hitting is that it. It is what Zia W inventory is no big deal you know my cousin of funeral home on the Eastern Shore my buddy Scott has won in Henderson cleanest bathrooms in town trust me.