Sign Language Gibber?

Tuesday, September 19th

Sean tells Charley & Matty a funny story about a sign language interpreter who began to sign gibberish during a live Hurricane Irma press conference. Which included words like "pizza" & "bear monster".


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987 Simon and get a show hey look at that he was coming out of the beginnings and it's a new beginning you guys. Welcome to Tuesday on the do not show I don't go watch it like I was when they were doing the press conferences during the hurricanes. Specifically during Irma. When they were showing the people in Florida who who were given instructions talking about evacuations and stuff right and they had a guy who was their doing sign language ranked they do that often. Yet will. You know I noticed. There was the one guy that you saw all the time and then they went to Miami and they had a guy who was like Disco dance and I was like this gap is going to be a celebrity because he's like. The hot hand signing interpreter is yeah there has never heard another thing about it but then it's come out since. That this guy Marshall green who was interpreting for. Receive the Manatee County Florida officials. Come to find out. He was really not saying much of anything. People said members of deaf community severe green was mostly signing just gibberish. And that he happened before he would often reference pizza. And monster's. Pick and kept using the phrase. Helped you at that time to use their big. And he just kept side and over and over and if you watch it now like go to our face so please check this out if you watch it now you can tell that the guy kind of gave up somewhere along the way. The court hearing impaired think that a Barings.