Is Arguing Healthy?

Friday, September 15th

Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss how arguing with your significant other may be beneficial towards keeping a healthy relationship.


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Pat minutes on 987 Simon we play everything that you tell his new evidence our music out there somewhere yeah featuring her in spider costs partner commie spy and a it's Neil Neil Girardeau Yankee red lights please respect his name. Hayward to eventual player Friday here on ago show 3363730987. Is number and we kind of like married people at work. It's like a three way marriage. As legal doctor Jan man is a psychiatrist and she says. It arguing is healthy for a marriage that you should if your man. You should get it out you should go ahead and shouted out you should go ahead and argue because holding it in is harmful in the long run. With that if if you'll hold that in. You'll end up. Being what does that is exactly this guy says there our thank you honey but you know what I I think this is good for us because you to argue with everything I say I disagree that. I think there's a reason for that it was a better about your armor or cold like lemon nick and Allie pretty Alex. You know this song as we do that this is gonna make you want to go to your case take out your base and make those bats during singer brandy. And.