Simon Says

Uber is a very common form of transportation. Sean has a story today about someone being charged three figures for, well you'll just have to find out. Matty talks about his amazing uber experience from yesterday with yes, gaming consols in the car plus more, and last but not least Charley offers...
Everyone has had a roommate at some point and time in life. Sean, Charley, and Matty deliver some great commentary involving a girl who is in a sticky situation involving her roommates. Now of course not everyone living together get along, but when your learn the details of this story your jaw will...
Sean talks this morning about a new popular meme going around. Charley and Matty discuss a recent problem involving delivery drivers doing something to your food that most people arn't fond of, and who dosen't love ribs. Also listen to hear a great tip that Sean offers that might help prevent this...
All parents and most older siblings have sat on the couch with the younger one and watched an episode of Peppa pig once or twice. This morning Sean, Matty, and Charely have some rather interesting news about the kids cartoon. Discover why Matty compares the kid friendly cartoon to Shaq and why...
Everyone loves a good pet and there has always been the debate of cat vs dog. Sean, Matty, and Charley all share there personal pet stories. Charley provides the recently released news on how to properly pet a cat, and what it takes to care for one. Sean introduces his personal theory about cats...
Viral stars and viral videos. For some people these viral vidoes bring fame and in some cases money. But when that five minutes of fame is up what do most of these stars do? Sean and Charley have the answer for you as they discuss the original wedding dance couple and where they are now. Also Matty...