Simon Says

Father Daughter Dance

7th Annual Father/Daughter Dance

The Color of Reason - Women's Community Council presents its 7th Annual Father and Daughter Extraordinaire Dance. This event is a semi-formal fun-filled family event that focuses on celebrating the significance of maintaining positive father and daughter relationships and its impact on helping to...
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Simon Says... Podcast! Episode 4! In this episode, the Get Up Show talks about the joys of the Next Door app, Sean's very official Baby Yoda has arrived from China, will Matty borrow Sean's mole/skin tag burning needle thing he found online, favorite As Seen On TV products we had to have, cats.....
Matty sent his wife flowers at work for Valentine's Day just so it would make her co-workers jealous. While the order didn't turn out like he planned, it actually had bonus results!
An employee of Wendy's took a bath in the giant sink, and they uploaded the video to TikTok. Everyone who was working that day got fired! But Sean, Charley & Matty really don't think it was that bad...