Simon Says

Sean, Matty and Charley all share their personal ideas on what the Greensboro slogan should be. Hear some of the popular answers floating around along with what Sean, Matty and Charley have personally came up with. Do you agree with their ideas or do you think you can do better. Listen to get your...
While this really won't harm Matty, Sean and Charley might have to look out. There is a new trick going around that will cause you to lose all of the hair on your head. So learn why you need to be cautious when shopping for conditioner becuase you don't want to end up like somebody else. You have...
Some people have a side hustle. Sean has news involving the money that a good side hustle can provide. The number is shocking. Learn if Charley has a side hustle, why Sean says his side hustle won't work and why Matty's side hustle could maybe work. It's the morning show we all love.
Sean has some very interesting information this morning involving public opinion on different subject matters. Hear the average age for certain life milestones those being marriage, your first child, first house, and predicted retirment. Charley and Matty compare their answers to the general...
The morning crew is up and ready this morning! Charley, Sean, and Matty have some old news for you this morning. Matty's grandparents are old but someone has them beat when it comes to age. A nice lady that's over 100 years old has the guide to staying alive.Sean and Charley tell the woman's daily...
When did you start to get Allowance ? Sean, Charley and Matty share their personal experiences and more.