Simon Says

Don't put a fork in where? The morning crew is together this morning Sean, Matty, and Charley have some interesting news this morning. A new recent study is showing small things you should pick up on a first date to help detect particular tendencies. Give a listen and discover what they are.
How much is too much for a children's birthday party?? Charley, Sean, and Matty discuss this mother's special requests to her sons party guests.
Charley and Matty have a interesting story this morning. A woman lost her leg at the beach and she has gotten another one already? It's as wild as it sounds but when you get the details it actually makes a lot of sense. You have to hear this one, it's got a twist to it.
Monday songs this morning! Charley and Matty have some interesting family statistics today. These stats are actually very suprising and a little hard to believe according to Matty and Charley. Interesting topic this morning so learn the details.
Charley and Matty have a ridiculous story about neighbours this morning that you won't believe. Can you imagine living next to someone for 14 years and calling them the wrong name the whole time. You have to hear this to believe it. This story is wild.