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Earth Fare Grand Opening!

Join Matty & the Simon Street Team for the grand opening of the newest Earth Fare Store in High Point at the Palladium Shopping Center! Eating clean? Trying to eat healthier? Earth Fare is your store! Simon will have tons of prizes and free giveaways!
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One thing you can't escape on social media is the new filter that's making everyone look like they're 70 years old. Matty and Charley provide commentary on the subject while Sean provides some unexpected information envolving the app and where it came from. Also here Charley's Hot take on the...
Sean has some great statistics on the table this morning. The happiest people at work are? The saddest people at work are? Give a listen to find the answers to these questions and hear what Matty and Charley have to say. Happiness is a very important factor in the decision making process of picking...
In 2019 everyone has been made aware of political correctness. Charley, Matty and Sean have an update on some new words that are now being used and some old one's that apparently need to be retired. Ever heard of "Human Effort" see what words just got replaced by it.
Sean has a great story this morning about a giant beer sign. So here why the police got called and how the whole situation was a huge misunderstanding. Taking place in Utah, hear some great input from Charley and Matty and why everyone in this situation was confused. 
Sean, Matty, and Charley talk about one very hot topic on social media. Yes, that's the idea of traveling to area 51. Hear Matty and Charley's opinions on the situatuon and see who actually thinks aliens are there somewhere hiding. Also listen to discover the second set location that people plan on...
Daytona beach has a very interesting situation involving homeless people and a solution that you won't believe. Sean provides the story, while Matty and Charley give great commentary, an idea some can't stand others see as genius. Listen to find out and see what side your on.
The old filter that has recently blown up on the internet has Charley, Matty, and Sean wondering what it would look like on certain people.