Summer Pool

Tips for an Eco-friendly Summer

June 17, 2019

By: Maya Perry

Summer is all about enjoying the hot weather and vacations. We can also have a major impact on our environment. I have a listed some tips to enjoy the summer and care for our Earth. 

1.    Biking - eco-friendliest, releasing no gas or toxic pollutants and a great way to travel during warm weather.
2.    Bring your own water bottle - reusable eco-friendly water bottles such as BPA free, lead free, phthalate free, PVC free, microwave safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, bamboo, stainless steel, aluminum, silicon sleeve or infuser.
3.    Eat at home - Get away from processed foods and start making more meals at home. It’s cheaper and better for you too. Shop local and buy from local farmers. 
4.    Control your AC - Program your thermostats to begin cooling about 30 minutes before you return home or take advantage of windows.
5.    Grilling your food - Propane burns much cleaner than either wood or charcoal briquettes.
6.    Bikini Go Greenie - wearing a biodegradable or solar bikini to make your summer accessories more sustainable.