4th of July

Three Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Fourth of July

June 24, 2019

By Maya Perry 

As the Fourth of July holiday approaches we all enjoy the celebration of independence with cookouts and family gatherings to watch fireworks. I have a few ways to turn your cookout into an eco-friendly holiday tradition. 
1.    Eco-Friendly Fireworks - bright explosives may be beautiful, but very harmful to the environment. In order to continue the tradition, light fireworks from a single spot to make cleanup easier and dispose of any excess as soon as the show is over or choose to attend a city fireworks event to help prevent extra air pollution on that night. 
2.    Ditch plastic - Time to pull out the good china. Use real plates to control waste disposal.
3.    Go Vegan - instead of the typical burgers, try vegan burgers or organic popsicles for the kids.