Planting a Tree

Planting a Tree

August 15, 2019

By: Maya Perry 

“Sustainable forestry involves a renewable cycle of harvesting what we plant,” says Mark Doumit, Washington Forest Protection Association. Working forests are now an important part of our landscape, because they support the economy and protect clean water while trees grow. It means caring for our forest resources by providing fish and wildlife habitat and protecting clean air and water. At the same time, sustainable forests provide jobs for rural economies and renewable wood products. Let’s do our part by planting a tree. Here are a few steps to get you started: 

1.    Locate all underground utilities prior to digging.
2.    Identify the trunk flare. 
3.    Dig a shallow, broad planting hole. 
4.     Remove the containers or cut away the wire basket. 
5.     Place the tree at the proper height. 
6.     Straighten the tree in the hole. 
7.     Fill the hole gently, but firmly. 
8.     Stake the tree, if necessary
9.    Mulch the base of the tree.  
10.    Provide follow-up care.