Photo Paper

Photo Paper and recycling

July 18, 2018

Tori Carle, Waste Reduction Supervisor, City of Greensboro

With the advent of social media, digital picture frames and a million other ways that we can digitally keep photos, printed photos are becoming less and less prevalent. Yes, all of our family and friends can check out those goofy kid pictures forever. Plus, you can keep taking pictures until you get just the right shot, with no closed eyes or weird expressions. But you might still have stacks of printed photos that you may or may not want to hang on to.

Photos are not recyclable. Yes, they are printed on paper, but the layers of sheen that make you nostalgic for that long ago vacation and cringe at the mommy-daughter outfits or powder blue prom tux choice, make it impossible to separate from possibly recyclable materials.

So whether you've got your teenage glamour shots, awkward family photos that really don't need to stick around, or simply the 43 shots of grandpa's thumb make sure you dispose of those in the garbage. If you have really old photos that you're ready to part with, but might be historically significant, consider swinging by your local History Museum to see if they would accept them as a donation.