You Can Own a Piece of "Strawberry Field" Forever

Here's how!

May 16, 2018
The Beatles

Press Association

Hidden within the whimsical sound of The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields” is a less happy meaning. Written by John Lennon, the song—specifically its title—is a reference to “Strawberry Field,” the Salvation Army-run children’s home that served as Lennon’s childhood neighbor.

The grounds at Strawberry Field were a welcome respite from Lennon’s difficult childhood. He frequented the gardens and played there as a young boy, but the building was demolished back in the ‘70s.

Flash forward to 2018: The Salvation Army is working to “bring Strawberry Field back to life.” To support young adults with learning disabilities, the organization hopes to create a space for training and work placement.

In order to raise money for the new project, a limited number of the salvaged bricks (2,500, to be exact) from the original building are up for sale.

The bricks are selling for around $100, you can find more information on the project here.