WATCH: Stone Temple Pilots Perform “Interstate Love Song” & Talk Life on the Road [Pt. 1]

You don’t want to miss this EXCLUSIVE performance and interview!

April 16, 2018
Stone Temple Pilots


Stone Temple Pilots dropped their self-titled album last month, and while it’s their seventh studio effort, it’s their first with new frontman Jeff Gutt.

We get it. You want to see some music! Your wish is our command. Watch the new Stone Temple Pilots rock just as hard as they always have in this exclusive performance of “Interstate Love Song.”

Amazing, right?

The “Interstate Love Song” performance got us thinking: How do the guys get along on the “interstate”? And more importantly—what have they learned about each other on tour? We found out who’s on top. (Yeah, you read that right.) We also got one very solid piece of advice:

“Never look at Robert DeLeo in the eyes.”

You heard it here first.

Check back soon for more EXCLUSIVE performances and interviews in our four-part series with Stone Temple Pilots!