Apparently Guns N' Roses Have A Fascinating Tour Rider

The list reportedly includes a porcelain toilet

June 12, 2018
Axl Rose


Ah, the tour rider—that sweet, sweet list of demands or requests a band has for the venue it’s playing. In it, you’ll find the usual food and drink items, but sometimes, those lists get interesting.

Enter: Guns N’ Roses. According to NME, the band reportedly added a porcelain toilet—and “super silky smooth toilet paper”—to their Download Festival 2018 rider. The Mirror reports that the band also flew in the essentials, like “extra cheesy pizzas” and Hersey’s chocolate bars. Who could blame them?

We’re happy to report that The Mirror says sources can confirm: All demands of Guns N’ Roses’ Download Fest rider were met “exactly as they wanted.”

Guns N’ Roses headlined the U.K. festival, which took place last weekend (June 8-10). See shots from their set below.