Holiday Party

Holiday Partying with a Twist

November 5, 2018

By: Maya Perry

Holiday season is upon us and 1thing is here to give you sustainability tips while gearing up for family gatherings. Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are about to kick off and we want you to party eco-friendly this year. Although these parties are fun but they can be wasteful and we all know it. Along with the amount of water and electricity used during gathering like these, 1thing wants to help you implement new and safe ways to party for the holidays.
Here are some 1thing tips on how to keep the party fun and good for the planet.

1. Avoid throw away décor. - Recycle old trees and lights for décor.

2. Candlelight. –conserve energy and use candles to set the mood for your holiday parties.

3. Recycle champagne bottles- can be used for décor or other beverages.

4. Earth friendly snacks and appetizers- avoid prepackaged appetizers and buy locally.

5. Consider a quiet night instead- sing carols or board games to save electricity and conserve energy.