Holiday Garland Your Way

Garland is essential when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree or home.

December 6, 2019
Popcorn Garland

Holiday Garland Your Way
By: Maya Perry

The holidays are here. For families, holiday traditions are important. Garland is essential when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree or home. Why not make your garland eco-friendly for the holidays? I have a list of creative ways to make your garland 1thing ready!

1. Greeting Card Garland -consider stringing your holiday cards together with beautiful ribbon and natural wooden clothes pins for a storage solution and nice-looking garland in one.

2. Popcorn Tree Garland - environmentally friendly popcorn and cranberry Christmas tree decorations a go. Measure out a piece of thread. Push your needle and thread through the first piece of popcorn, wrap it around the corn and then tie a loose, but secure, double knot to make sure the corn does not slip off the end.

3. Citrus Tree Garland- Christmas tree decoration will smell as good as it looks. You will need oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks.  Cut oranges in to thin slices. The thinner the slices, the shorter the drying time, so aim for pieces that are about half a centimeter thick. Heat your oven to around 60° and put your tray of oranges in for about to five hours. They will come out with an extra zing. Once your slices have dried, bring them out and leave them to cool completely.  It’s time to build your garland. Strand them onto your twine or string through the holes you made, and secure them with a knot. Tie the odd cinnamon stick in-between every few slices.

4. Recycled Christmas Gift Bag Garland - This flashy chain can be fashioned by cutting circles from old holiday gift bags and stringing them together.