5 ways to make your Halloween Fit Sustainability Legit

September 30, 2019
Halloween picture

By: Maya Perry

Halloween can be a costly and careless experience for ONE NIGHT, so we wondered “What can be done to green your Halloween?” I am here to give you #MissPerryApproved tips to keep your Halloween fit Sustainability legit. Here are my top 5 ways:

1.    Swap it! : best friend has an outfit that you may use, why not swap costumes and put your own personal flavor to the fit. 
2.    Recycle it: redo or reuse old costumes. Nothing wrong with recycling. 
3.    Use and make do: hunt around see what you can put together from what you already own in your closet.
4.    Thrift it: secondhand stores and vintage clothing can be made into a custom costume you won’t see anywhere else. 
5.    Use Natural Materials: Eco-friendly fashion gets a bad rap for being weird and ugly. Using leaves, flowers and foil can even bring your costume vision to life.