climate change


January 18, 2019

By: Maya Perry

Raging storms, rising sea levels and searing heat. These are all effects of climate change that threaten our environment. Climate change is described as any long-term change in the expected patterns of average weather of a region over a significant period of time.

What can you do? The answer is simple: Be aware and try the next few tips.

At work:

  • Use a laptop or mini desktop
  • Break the habit of using paper excessively
  • Bring your own coffee mug to work

On the move:

  • Replace driving with bicycling
  • Service your car regularly
  • Stop idling


  • Use only LED bulbs
  • Recycle old appliances
  • Insulate

If you can implement even a few of these tips into your new 2019 routine, this could help climate change tremendously. In order for us to live a longer life, we must protect and conserve our environment’s life as well.