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Environmentalist Lives Matter

February 8, 2019

By: Maya Perry

February is not only the month of love, but also the celebration of Black History Month. In order to keep this tradition of history going, we must continue to help keep our environments green. I will be highlighting three Black environmentalists and their initiatives so that we can keep our environments clean and healthy.

Green for All was co-founded by Van Jones and Majora Carter. Green for All is an organization whose goal is to build a green economy; while simultaneously lifting citizens out of poverty. It is a D.C.-based group that brings unions and environmentalists together to push for anti-poverty measures and a clean-energy economy.

The BLK ProjeK was founded by Tanya Fields and is based in Bronx, N.Y. The BLK ProjeK seeks to address food injustice, public and mental health issues as they specifically relate to underserved women of color through culturally relevant education, beautification of public spaces, urban gardening and community programming.

African-American Environmentalist Association was founded in 1985 by Norris McDonald who remains its president. AAEA is dedicated to protecting the environment, enhancing human, animal and plant ecologies, promoting the efficient use of natural resources, increasing African-American participation in the environmental movement and promoting ownership of energy infrastructure and resources.