Summer activities

Eco-friendly Summer Activities

July 29, 2019

By: Maya Perry

School is out and kids are struck with boredom. To help keep your child’s Summer free from videogames and television programming, Summer break is the perfect time of year to explore creative new activities. It’s up to parents to introduce earth-friendly values in children, in hopes of building a healthier planet for their future. I have a list of the top eco-friendly activities to start new Summer traditions.

1.    Camping - Brings your child face-to-face with nature’s beauty, giving you the opportunity to discuss the significance of carbon neutrality, and how to protect our planet from pollution, carbon emissions and global warming.
2.    Gardening - Show them how to nurture a plant from its start as a seed, explaining how it takes clean water, healthy soil, fresh air and sunlight to grow a hardy sprout to maturity.
3.    Smarter Way to Water Play - Instead of super soakers and running water hoses, soak up a few sponges or washcloths in your kiddie pool for hours of water-conscious play. Or, poke some holes in a recycled water bottle for a quick and easy sprinkler.