1Thing: Shampoo Edition

April 29, 2019

By: Maya Perry

Women take pride in what they look like when they leave home. Hair and skin care are significant in our daily routines. Holistic, self-care involves treating our bodies, people and the Earth well. We think it’s important to dodge harmful chemicals and support sustainable brands. I will be highlighting five hair care lines to try that are sustainably friendly.

1. Truly Organic- Made with real fruits and vegetables, the products promise never to strip hair of natural oils. Instead, they help sustain healthy proteins and amino acids.
2. John Masters Organics- They favor naturally-occurring fertilizer, pesticides and other growing aids and are committed to partnerships with local farmers. John Masters avoids synthetic chemicals, instead using wild-harvested ingredients and cold-pressed, steam distilled extracts.
3. Rahua- products are uniquely sourced and processed by people in accordance with traditional Quechua methods and rituals. The brand is committed to clean, natural, vegan and organic products dedicated to sustaining the Amazon Rainforest and the indigenous people.
4. 100% Pure- 100% Pure maximizes the benefits of natural ingredients and is dedicated to promoting healthy products rich in protective antioxidants.
5. Dr. Alkaitis- all Dr. Alkaitis products are edible, high-quality, made from their own extracts and designed to bring skin to a healthy balance unique to each user’s body. Dr. Alkaitis products help maintain holistic personal care without using any harsh chemicals.