You Have to See This Edit of 'The Mandalorian' as a 1980s Sitcom

December 5, 2019

Here’s the story of a Mandalorian and his alien baby!

In 2019, the best way to measure a show’s success is through memes.

And considering that everyone’s social media timelines have been flooded with memes and gifs pulled from Disney+’s new series “The Mandalorian," the show seems to be faring pretty well.

The Baby Yoda memes alone are proof. To date, there’s the Baby Yoda floating in his egg-shaped crib meme, the Baby Yoda sipping tea meme, the Baby Yoda with his flippy-flappy spatula (ready to help dad man the grill) meme, and the Baby Yoda changing the radio station meme.

As you can see, the show is very meme-able.

But British animator Garth Woods decided to go the extra mile and reimagined the series as a retro sitcom with a dated theme song and “Full House” inspired credits.

Since everything was better in the 80s/90s — a notion proven true by our society's obsession with nostalgic television — the idea was a guaranteed hit.

The parody mashes up clips from “The Mandalorian” with the theme song from the 1987 sitcom “My Two Dads.”

The retro vibe is a strangely perfect fit and gives the series a silly yet wholesome vibe.

It is so well done, that if you were living under a rock and unaware of massive success of "Mandalorian," you'd be convinced that this was an authentic show from back in the day.

Also, is Baby Yoda even cuter as an 80s character?

Considering the positive response Woods received on the Facebook post, there’s a high probability that he’ll reimagine future episodes as sitcoms. May the force be with him, though, he’s proven that he doesn’t need it.

Watch the sitcom version of “The Mandalorian” below. Sound up.

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