107-Year-Old Woman Among Oldest Patients to Recover From Coronavirus

April 15, 2020

A woman in Turkey has become the second 107-year-old person to beat coronavirus.

Havahan Karadeniz was admitted into a hospital in Istanbul last week after coming down with a high fever and cough, reported the Evening Standard.

After being treated for the virus, the centenarian made a miraculous recovery and was released on April 13th.

Doctors and nurses began applauding as the great-grandmother was wheeled out of the hospital.

"The hospital was good and so was the personnel,” the 107-year-old said.

She follows on the heels of another 107-year-woman who recovered from COVID-19 last week.

Cornelia Ras became ill on March 18th, the day before her 107th birthday.

Ras was one of 40 people at her Dutch nursing home to become infected with the virus after attending a church service.

She began experiencing a fever and cough and later tested positive.

After over two weeks in the hospital, doctors told her she had beaten the odds and was now free of the virus.

“We did not expect her to survive this,” the woman’s family told the Dutch newspaper AD, reported the NY Post. “She takes no medicines, still walks well and gets down on her knees every night to thank the Lord. From the looks of it, she will be able to continue to do so.”

12 other residents of the woman’s nursing home who attended the church service have since passed away from coronavirus complications.

Karadeniz and Ras are considered to be the two oldest patients to recover from coronavirus.

Other centenarians to recover from the pandemic include a 101-year-old man in Italy and a 104-year-old WWII veteran.

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